3 Reasons Your Beard Itches, and How to Fix Them

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Let's talk about itchy beard, or more accurately itchy skin.  Every single person out there deals with it in some capacity.  Though when we know what causes it, we know how to solve it! 

1. Shaving

The number one cause of an itchy beard, is not having a beard at all!  When you shave, it cuts the hairs back and leaves them with a sharp angle.  When our skin moves around and the hair starts to grow, this sharp edge digs into the edges of a pore causing the itchy irritation we all hate.


if you want to avoid itchy skin from shaving, the simplest solution is to not shave!  Jokes aside, getting yourself a nice shaving cream or gel will help moisturize the skin and hair, leaving you with a smoother and less irritating shave.  If you've already picked up some of our premium beard oil for your future beard, it makes a great shaving oil as well.  It takes care of the skin from any minor abrasions or cuts from shaving too. 

2. Dry Skin

Something I deal with every day.  Coincidentally, my dry skin is what brought me to beard oil in the very first place.  Depending on your skin care routine, this can be a complex matter of skin conditions, or simply using the wrong soap or shampoo.

Dry skin can be tackled in a few different ways. We will start at the source.  Assess what you currently use to moisturize your skin.  Are you using a high quality moisturizer? Are you using any moisturizer at all?

It's easy from here.  Obviously your current regiment isn't working.  Get yourself some of that premium beard oil we mentioned.(notice a pattern yet?) It will moisturize your skin, leaving a smooth hydrated complexion that will last longer and longer through the day, the more regularly you supplement your skin's natural hydration.

3. Coarse hair

When I was first told that coarse hair can cause itchy skin, I thought that guy was crazy.  Turns out he was actually sharing something very interesting.  Our hair rubs up against our face all day.  Something we don't consciously feel,  but if your skin is dry, this will make the problem just a hair worse.

Instead of approaching this from our skin, this one we can actually treat our beards directly.  While an oil would work, it is not our best choice.  Instead we need to look at a premium beard balm or leave-in conditioner.  They have the same hydrating benefits as a beard oil, except they're blended in a way that keeps the oils on your hair, instead of running onto your skin.  Targetted hair hydration is the perfect solution for dry and course hair.

Early Morning beard oil + balm. 

Early Morning beard oil + balm. 

The underlying theme here is that you need to moisturize! It's great for your skin, your beard, and your overall comfort.  We carry only all natural products blended right here in the USA.  Stop the itch, get your hands on some premium beard care products, pronto.


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