Masterful Standards for Masterful Beards

"Manners maketh man" - William Horman ,1440-1535.

Masterful Beard

Masterful Beard

    Like me, you probably know that quote from The Kingsmen.  The perfect movie to exemplify what I mean by a Masterful Beard.  The very act of living with decency and a code of ethics is what separates us from the uncivilized.  An age old expression, but nothing so adequately describes what it means to wear a Masterful Beard.  By pursuing and living the beard life, you are taking what nature has given us and sculpting it into a masterpiece.  It does not accept being frizzy, unkempt, dry, flaky, or itchy.

     To call a beard Masterful, is to call a man Masterful.  The care, grooming and presentation of every aspect of your appearance is what defines us.  If you've ever invested time into finding a new tailor so you have the best cut possible, researched a barber's prior work, or spent as much time as your wife getting ready, then you are probably one of us.

     We live in an amazing time for being refined.  Historically speaking, being refined was the expectation.   Now we are the exception.  To expand, I mean to say that taking prestigious care of your person is exceptional now.  Fortunately we also live in a time where everything is documented.

    Need to find a good tailor who cuts suits? Jump onto Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.  They're definitely showing off their craft.   New barber or hair styling routine? Same solution. We can meticulously filter and decide on the best of the best of the best, to our own definitions.

    The most important part of a Masterful Beard is the confidence that goes into it.  I specifically say "into", because when you love the way you look everyone around you will respond.  Even if they don't intend too.  When you are confident in the way you look, feel, and smell, you will have so much more than a Masterful Beard.  You will have mastered your image.

     Get yourself a collection of our premium beard oils, beard balms, and a quality beard comb.  Find, qualify, and hire a first class barber.  Get your clothes tailored to fit you perfectly.  Then go out into the world and show off your Masterful Beard!



And for the record, oxford's are a way better option than brogue's.

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