Revamped products, adjusted pricing, and new layout.

Hey guys!


It's been an exciting week around Masterful Beard!  When we were growing, we built out our site with 10 different fragrances.  While it was amazing to have such a diverse inventory, at the end of the day we were looking to see what you all wanted!  In that time you have all given us feedback, reviews, and simply out you "voted with your money."

 It's finally time.  We've finally trimmed back the excess.  We literally cut out half of the sub-par products that weren't living up to your standards.  I know this new leaner product listing will better serve you, our customers.

In addition to getting our line up revamped, we have also revamped our store pages.  We wanted a clean way to present the right information that you need to decide which products are right for you.  The new cleaner layout better organized our standard and premium lines and puts important details on the main page.


We hope you enjoy the new setup! 


I LOVE hearing from you guys.  Shootme an email directly and let's talk about what you would like to see!

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