New Products Joining the Lineup

As we grow as a company, so will our product offerings.  Instead of growing farther upwards with just beard oil, it was time to grow wide.  We're adding several new products!

We are bringing in Beard Balm to match the ten fragrances of beard oul we already offer.  These will be matching their beard oil counterparts in price at $18.99. With the beard balm added, we are going to start offering a package with special pricing.  If you buy a beard oil and balm bundle it will be $29.99.  A savings of just over 20%. We have another great package we will talk about later.

buffalo horn beard comb and balm

buffalo horn beard comb and balm

Next we have these new amazing two tone sandalwood and buffalo horn beard combs.  Plus, like our premium oils and balms, these are handmade here in the USA.  They will be listed at $19.99.  I can't wait to get these new combs photographed so I can show you.

In offering everything we can to take care of a beard, we had get our own beard wash.  With as much care as we put into what products go into our beard, it's only fair that we also have a quality shampoo to get it out.  We wanted to get you something that would last too, so these are 8oz bottles.  This beard wash is designed to strip out products at the end of the day, but leave the skin and hair still moisturized.  Now we never have to worry about itchy beard for any reason ever again!  Plus, check out this review from one of the early testers.(aka a close friend)  As you'll see, we are excited for this one quite a lot.

"It’s almost cheesy of me to say, but coincidentally this is the most I’ve ever liked a scent in a product like this. Somehow it’s both subtle and distinctive, all without being at all overwhelming or “chemical.” I might even be so bold as to say that I think this wash is going to leave an impression any time I give a hug or kiss a cheek."

So in addition to the beard balm and oil package mentioned earlier, we will be putting together a Masterful Beard Care kit.  It will include a beard balm and oil fragrance of your choice, one of our hand made sandalwood and buffalo horn combs, and a bottle of beard wash.  We're going to be selling these for $50.  A savings of just over 30%.  

Needless to say we're excited for what this means for the future of Masterful Beard.  This is a major landmark for us.  With the fully rounded out product offerings, we are poised to work with our customers on how we can focus best on serving you all.

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