How To Use Your Beard Oil with One Hand

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Buffalo Horn Comb

Buffalo Horn Comb

So you've got yourself hooked up with a sweet buffalo horn comb, some premium beard oil, and a tin of excellent balm.  Now what do you do with it? 

I was recently challenged by someone in my life on how someone with one hand can still use beard oil.  Normally using beard is a simple matter:

  1. Unscrew the cap,
  2. put 6-8 drops of goodness on your fingers
  3. Spread evenly
  4. Rub into your beard from under your chin, rolling up

That usual advice was a bit tricky for my casted friend.  So after a little trial and error, we found the simple twist that brings dropper bottles back to the slightly less-handed among us.

  1.  Secure your beard oil between your legs and unscrew the cap(careful not to spill it out!)
  2. Load your dropper up
  3. Put the dropper against your skin, under your beard, and squeeze a drop or two
  4. Do this in 2-3 spots on both cheeks
  5. Now rub it into the skin under your beard

Now those of you who have been growing your beard for awhile, you'll recognize this method.  A few years ago it was the norm to tell people to apply beard oil directly to the underlying skin.  We covered in a previous article how beard oil is actually focused on improving your skin health first.

Hopefully you don't find yourself unexpectedly applying beard oil one handed.  But should such misfortune fall upon you, at least your beard will be nourished and taken care of still!

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