Five Frequently Asked Questions of the week

I'm going to take some questions that I've answered, or seen answered around the net.  Answers are taken from Facebook groups, Instagram comments, and Reddit posts.

I'm going to refer to the five tenants to a full beard in this article.  If you haven't seen it already.  Head to the homepage and download your copy.  They are the foundation for most of the responses.

1. Should I shave or keep going?

This is probably the most common question on Reddit.  The reality is that no one can really answer that for you.  But let me share some knowledge on why.  Basically, the healthier you are in general, the better that beard will grow in.  If you have poor genetics for a beard, there are only a few options that can be recommended without a doctor.  Though the rest of this post may have some insight.  If you improve your food, your fitness, your metabolism, and are treating your skin, then apply a healthy dose of patience.  No doubt about it, growing a beard is a test of anyone's patience the first time.

2. I have this patchy/thin/scraggly spot, any advice or tips?

You're already aware of the five tenants, so to expand on that we will talk about products.  Over the counter options like growth supplementing beard oils(like ours), hair growth supplement pills, skin based hair growth treatments, etc... Anything that can provide the extra nutrients and nourishment for your skin and hair follicles will help here.  And for some people like myself, we have a spot where hair simply doesnt grow.  There is a 2 inch scar under my chin where there is simply no hair growth.  This is the result of my genetics, and short of a skin transplant there is nothing to be done here.

3. I made it to month X! How should I cut it?

This is one of my favorites.  I love people who are willing to open up to the community for feedback on looks and styles.  I always try to provide some personalized advice, but the best advice is to find and talk to a barber.  An on the spot dialogue about your beard growth, expectations, and goals can shift direction quickly.  A good barber is invaluable to the ambitious beatdsmen.  I'll be writing again soon with some insight on finding a good barber.  I found my barber through word of mouth, but Instagram, Facebook, and other social media are great outlets for finding examples of quality work. 

4. My beard isn't all the same color?!

Well, yes.  That's not only unconcerning, its expected.  At this moment I have blonde, brown, red, and the occasional grey hair in my beard.  The palette of your beard is what makes it singularly unique.  I will do everything I can to talk you out of coloring it!  Rock out what your body gives you.  There is a certain confidence that can only come from being content in your own skin(hair), and no amount of products can replicate that.

5. Its growing to slow, can I speed it up?

I should include a 6th tenant... patience! If you've got the five tenants down, then add some time into the mix.  Are you doing everything you can to nourish your skin and hair? Check out our catalog for ideas for products that can also be used to help keep that skin and hair strong!

Thanks to the Reddit community for bringing us your questions! 

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