Beards for Beginners

So you want to grow a beard?  I'm sure you have plenty of questions, so let's start with some of the basics.


It's a game of patience.  No way around it.  We can help our body grow thicker and stronger hair, but we can't really speed it up.  But don't worry, give it just three short months and you'll know what your beard can do!

So while you get the beard in, you're going to want to make sure you've got grooming and skincare on point.  Our goal here is to get the skin clean, healthy, and moisturized.  That way your beard has a great starting point to work with.  Find yourself a brush or comb, some high quality beard oil, and some good beard/face wash.  Beard wash is a great addition particularly if you have problems with dry skin.  Keep that hair and skin washed, combed, and oil after each shower.  Your skin will reward you with less itchiness and beardruff during early growth stages

After a few months of pure unadulterated growing, it's time to look at how to groom and maintain.  If you want to really pamper your beard, find yourself a barber.  If you are a do-it-yourself kind of guy, pick up a solid grooming kit.  Decide what style you want to grow into.  Then it's time to trim and groom it up, whether it's you or your barber.  Just make sure to carefully maintain that beard and keep it looking sharp!  If you aren't 100% on how to approach grooming your beard, find a barber.  I recommend looking up your local barbers on Instagram.  See their work, their shop, and their grooming comfort zone.  Find a fit and treat yourself.

It's this simple to keep your skin and beard itch free, flake free, and looking masterful!  Be patient, keep it moisturized, keep it groomed, and make it your own.

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