Beard Oil or Balm?

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So beard oil or balm? Very similar products.  So similar that I'm going to start this off by talking about the benefits that they both have.  Then we will get into what sets them apart.

The main goal with any reputable beard care product is to moisturize the skin and hair.  When married up to a great essential oil blend it is a recipe for a number of benefits.  Masterful Beard centers our products around organic oils like Jojoba and sweet Almond.  By leveraging the tested benefits of these oils we can help you smell great, while also introducing hydration and essential vitamins to the skin.  While the oils have names related to their plant of origin, there is a lot that makes them up.

Jojoba for example can be used as a moisturizer, leave in hair conditioner, vitamin B supplement, vitamin E supplement, supplement for treating stubborn acne, or an inflammation reducer.  This is just to name a few.  Now imagine pairing that up with eight similarly beneficial carrier oils, and you have a recipe for an amazing product.

So what's different?

The key difference is in the viscosity of the product.  Beard oil is beneficial because it can easily bring all of those nutrients and hydrating benefits directly to your skin.  As you know, when applying beard oil, every method has you getting it as close to the skin as possible.  While it's great for the hair health, the focus is on the skin health.  Unlike beard balm which is focused on the hair.

Balm is like the most hydrating pomade you can imagine. All of those benefits that we covered are delivered straight to your hair, instead of the skin.  Our premium balm is much thicker than our oils.  By using additional carriers like bees wax or shea butter, it turns the beard oils into a thicker product that is solid at room temperatures.  When you rub it together to warm it up it becomes very viscous.  This let's it coat the hairs and subsequently provide the shaping hold that your beard needs.

I recommend a combination of both.  Beard oil is something you should use after a shower, and beard balm is great for your morning routine while getting ready.  Hydrate your skin after a shower while the pores are open and the skin is clean.  Them tame your beard down while getting ready for your day.  Combined, these two products will give your beard a level of health, luster, and style that can't be achieved otherwise!

Check out our beard oils and beard balms and make your beard Masterful!

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