4 Foods to Eat More Of to Grow A Masterful Beard

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Today we're going to be talking about some foods that are great for supporting beard growth, taste good, and are easy to fit into almost any diet.  As the old expression goes, "you are what you eat".  If you aren't eating in the best way for your body, you aren't going to get the best beard your body can grow.  

At its simplest level, the focus of any beard diet will be ramp up your bodies production of the hormones testosterone and DHT.  Subsequently, eating along these guidelines will also have an effect on your metabolism too!  So not only will help your body grow a beard, you'll also be eating healthy while doing it!

It doesn't get any easier than setting a five minute timer and walking away!

It doesn't get any easier than setting a five minute timer and walking away!

Eggs are the president and CEO for beard growth foods.  High in protein, high in biotin, low in polyunsaturated fats, and readily available to almost everyone on earth. There are no specific preparation instructions, just simply make sure it's cooked so it's safe to eat.  My personal favorite is poached and served on toast with Sriracha sauce!

Beef! Or any red meat really.  The protein and fat content of red meat is particularly great at stimulating and maintaining strong hair growth.  The boost in protein intake will also work well towards your beard growth goals. Go pick up your favorite cut of steak, fire up the grill, and prep your sides.  Which leads us to...

Potatoes.  Simple potatoes.  In every way great for you! Most importantly for us right now, they are high in healthy carbohydrates.  Our bodies need the carbohydrates to produce testosterone and DHT. Without it, we are missing the fuel to produce our peak hormone levels.  
A study conducted by the Rockefeller University Hospital and the Columbia University College of Physicians and surgeons, reports that if you consume double your calories from carbohydrates than protein your beneficial hormone levels will increase dramatically!

Salmon.  If you're not a fan of fish, don't worry.  You can also add Walnuts to your diet. Our goal here is so increase our Omega 3 acid intake.  Not only will it support growth, but protects the hair keeping it from becoming brittle and drying out as it grows.  So not only is it helpful for the health of your hair, it can help with beard itch and beardruff too! Over the counter supplements are readily available and can fill this gap.

So that's four easy foods to add into your diet.  Not only will you see a marked improvement in your beard growth, but you'll also see a marked improvement in your overall health as you expand on the variety of foods you consume.  Let us know what recipes you put together using one of these ingredients below. We love cooking new foods at home.

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