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Hey guys!


I wanted to take an early opportunity, and really introduce myself.  I'm Josh, I started up Masterful Beard.  At the core, this is a family owned business and it's important to me that all of my customers get to see the face behind the brand.  I'm joined by my wife Margaret. And my daughter Aurora.  Though admittedly. At just two months old, shes more of a work distraction than helper!

I'm an IT Systems Engineer by trade, and I'm currently working a development operations contract at Kennedy Space Center.  An absolutely amazing opportunity, and one that puts me in Jean's and a T-Shirt some days, and occasionally a suit.

When I'm able to steal some time to myself, I'm an avid reader, gamer, and movie watcher.  While I may find myself drawn to simpler hobbies, there is one constant.  I have very high expectations for myself in the things that I do.  If I set my sights on it, I have a clear picture of what I want.

I decided to let my beard fill in and see how it had changed.  I only wish I could show you the patchy mess I had before.  But I tried; and it was better.  Still not a dense beard like I had in my mental picture. So I took to the internet and discovered the massive breadth of products out there. Every beard product imaginable exists.  I tried a few out and over time I noticed a difference.

There was one dilemma.  As nice as these other products made my skin feel, I'm simply not the "campfire and cedar/pine" fragrance kind of guy.  I set my sights on beard care products that were in line with the colognes and smells I like.  This is when I found my dilemma, it simply wasn't out there.

This was the first moment of inspiration that led to Masterful Beard.  I wish I could tell you a specific "Ah ha!" moment, but it happened gradually.  A couple weeks of searching turned into nights of "I would do it this way" note taking.  My inner entrepreneur and beard lover was fired up.

beach Office, Long Weekend, Early Start Beard oils

beach Office, Long Weekend, Early Start Beard oils

As we grow with this brand, I look forward to hearing how I can better serve your beard needs!

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